Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Whether you are a hobby golfer or an established or aspiring professional, tools created to enhance your playing experience go a long way in making the game enjoyable and stress-free. Enter the latest nifty gadgets to help you real-time on the field – the golf rangefinder – that enables you to measure distances between fixed points on a course. Portable and extremely efficient, there’s much more to a golf rangefinder than just distance measuring.

Golf Rangefinder – Improve Your Game

Improve Your Golf With Golf Sport OpticsRemember manually calculating club yardage while golfing? Or pausing your game to measure the distance between two points by counting steps while you lug a bag with you? How about referring to yardage books while playing and trying out different clubs to get that right shot? Or even trying to see a seemingly invisible marker in the distance while the bright sun hurts your eyes and senses? These woes on the field can be eliminated at a single instance, using what is called a golf rangefinder.

A true tool of the trade, golf rangefinders are devices that use tracking technology to measure distances between fixed points in a golf course. Whether you are navigating greens, holes, or hazards, the gadget gives you a fast and accurate estimate of how far one has to aim. You do not have to go through the ordeal of time-consuming methods to quantify your stroke distance, or manually calculate where exactly to hit.

Speeding up your game, a golf rangefinder can reinvent the way you play golf. An efficient device will let you focus on other nuances of the sport, and in turn, allow you to polish those skills that require more attention. Also, the technology of golf distance finders is being reinvented every day—so that each new generation of gadgets is more productive and more accurate.

Why Should You Be Using a Golf Range Finder?

Although many different types of golf range scopes will each have their own specific benefits, the common advantages between them can be summed to these points below.

  • A golf rangefinder will indeed speed up your play, leaving additional time for you to enjoy other pursuits during your time on the field.
  • Modern golf rangefinders will take slopes and hills into consideration, improving your aim and effort required to tee off those shots.
  • A golf rangefinder will allow you to improve your game. Accurate distance measuring means you will eventually master your understanding of strokes, and understanding of what would be required to navigate a certain distance.
  • A golf rangefinder will allow you to build better knowledge of a certain course—so that you may device newer strategies to win that match.
  • A better knowledge of the course and distances will in turn build up your confidence. No more shaky starts with each masterstroke you take.
  • Most tournaments now allow the use of golf rangefinders minus the slope feature. During a competition, while you are under stress and pressure, a golf rangefinder can go a long way in smoothing doubts.
  • Golf range spotting scopes come with user-friendly technologies. Even if you are tech novice, you will still be able to use them with ease.
  • They come within a multitude of price points. Suiting all budgets and needs, a good golf rangefinder is not hard to find.
  • Golf rangefinders are easy to carry and some can even be worn on your person. They will guide you in your game without proving cumbersome.
  • You can access thousands of worldwide courses in some golf rangefinders. This is a very useful feature that allows you to enjoy different courses without hassles.
  • Old-school golfers too will find that the use of a golf rangefinder can aid a game in many different ways.

Different Types of Golf Rangefinders

The most commonly available rangefinders are either enabled with GPS or laser technology (or both). As their names suggest, these devices either use GPS tracking or laser pointers to measure distances.

Use of laser technology

Laser technology has always paid a pivotal role when it comes to aiming. And a laser golf rangefinder simply directs a beam of laser that you point to your target. This distance is then analyzed through the bounce back of the laser beam. You do not need any kind of satellite or internet connectivity to use this device, and you do not need access to any maps. Many laser golf distance scopes can distinguish between objects on its path, and can take elevations into accordance while calculating the distance. While it is true that laser devices have greater accuracy compared to GPS devices, it also can prove bothersome to use in bad weather conditions. Another problem users may face is that it needs a clear surface to reflect back to work properly. It will not work as efficiently when you try to aim the beam at small surfaces or dark surfaces. Having said that, the target needs to be in your line of sight. This greatly reduces its usability when targets are extremely far away.

Use of GPS technology

GPS technology that uses mapping and satellite navigation is a common part of our day to day lives. From Google maps to simple “find your phone” apps to even commercial flight routes, the might of the GPS makes everyone’s life easier. Case in point, GPS golf rangefinders make the use of this very same technology to measure distances on the course. Before this development, golfers had to rely on yardages marked on sprinkler heads and stakes. Now it is a matter of operating this device which relies on satellite navigation not just to measure distances from point A to B, but even takes into consideration common hazards such as trees and water bodies. Some old types of GPS golf rangefinders required mapping, but new ones allow the ease of connecting to simple gadgets such as your phone, wherein the data used for mapping is usually free. New GPS devices also come preloaded with thousands of golf courses worldwide.

Use of hybrid technology

A hybrid rangefinder combines the qualities of the GPS and laser varieties together. Allowing you to use the benefits of both types of measuring tactics, it eliminates problems commonly faced with laser pointers (distance) with the help of GPS accessibility. Best of both worlds indeed, a hybrid golf rangefinder can go a long way in aiding a game of golf.

Top Rated Golf Rangefinders of 2018

Moving on, the verdict is out on this season’s choicest gadgets. Below, are some of the best in the game:

Top 5 Laser Golf Rangefinder Reviews

#1 - Bushnell Pro X2 Laser Rangefinder Review (Top Seller)

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder

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Just recently launched and one of the best in its class, the Bushnell Pro X2 is loaded with Bushnella, Bushnell’s patented Slope technology. It provides both actual and adjusted yardages in real time.

Adjusted yardage, as we know, will help golfers know how long a shot will be played—taking the amount of uphill and downhill incline into consideration.

Unlike previous Bushnell rangefinder models that required a mode change to stop the slope feature during USGA tournament plays, this one simply comes with a switch on the side that can be used to turn off this feature at a moment’s notice.​

A Dual Display technology allows you to change display colours based on external environmental conditions, whereas the case of the device itself is rubber-armored rendering it waterproof. Pressing the mode button, golfers can easily toggle between a bright red or a black display to help with lighting conditions around. A user can also choose the colour based on his personal preference.

Like other Bushnell models, this one too comes with the Pinseeker Jolt Technology, which makes the device vibrate to confirm that the laser has locked onto a flag or a target. These short vibrating pulses giving a tactile confirmation cuts out the dilemma of multiple attempts at locking in a distance, allowing one to take a shot confidently.

The Pro X2’s stable-grip technology makes it easy to use, even in shaky hands, while a 6x magnification feature provides vivid and sharp visuals at all times. Whether for seasoned or novice golfers, the Bushnell Pro X2 adds an extra edge to the game. We think Pro X2 is best Bushnell golf rangefinder, currently available on the market.

A Summary of features include:

  • A class 1 laser with 0.5 mW average power output, that can provide precise field calculations.
  • A fully waterproof exterior case with a limited 2 year warranty. Distance finders in the market are usually only water resistant. So game on for crazy weather golfers!
  • A slope switch to easily toggle between models for competitive play.
  • A Pinseeker JOLT technology that vibrates the device to lock in and confirm targets.
  • A 2nd generation Extreme Speed Precision feature that works fast to cut down on time between shots, providing ease of play—imagine picking off pins in less than a second.
  • A Dual Display feature with red and black displays to counter weather and exterior conditions.
  • A 6x magnification for clear and crisp displays at all times.
  • Bushnell’s patented Slope Technology for actual and adjusted yardages, which can measure distances accurate to 1/2 yard, ranges from 5 to 1,300 yards, and range flags to 450 yards.
  • A Fast Focus System for easy adjustment of focus through a ring on the eyepiece.
  • Stable grip for even the shakiest of hands.
  • Battery operated and simple to use.
  • Improves club choice and pre-shot confidence.

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#2 - Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review (Voted Amazon Choice)

Nikon COOLSHOT20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

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A star within the Nikon sports optics line, the compact Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder has a 550-yard ranging capability, that too at this incredible price. Small enough to rival most smartphones at just 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches, you can literally take the COOLSHOT everywhere.

And like the TecTecTec, a First Target Priority technology will measure the first target amongst a group of targets, useful again, when your view is obstructed by trees or other factors.

Pushing the power button enables an 8-second continuous scan mode for you to use for measuring multiple or hard to pinpoint objects, while the device itself can range anything including hills, dog legs, trees, bunkers, lakes, golf carts, and the flagstick.

A front mode button allows you to switch from yards to meters.

With a 6x magnification, the COOLSHOT 20 features a long eye relief – useful for golfers who wear glasses – while Nikon’s multi-layer coated optics eliminates disturbances caused due to reflections.

The COOLSHOT 20 is also rainproof, and this neat little gadget packs a powerful punch for those looking for a no-fuss, easy to carry, laser rangefinder.

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Rangefinder Features:

  • Most super light and compact out of Nikon’s sporting models.
  • A 6x magnifying monocular design with Nikon’s multilayer coated optics for clear and precise images.
  • Long eye relief for golfers who wear vision correction glasses.
  • Auto power shut off feature after 8 seconds of idle mode, to save battery.
  • First Target Priority technology to lock in on the first goal amidst a variety of objects.
  • Ranging from +/- 1 yard up to 100 yards and +/- 2 yards over 100 yards.
  • A temperature tolerance feature for extreme weather durability.
  • Rainproof construction.
  • A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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#3 - TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder Review

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

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An eternal bestseller on the market and not just for its low price, the TecTecTec VPRO500 measures up to 540 yards with a continuous scan option. Amped with an advanced PinSensor technology, the VPRO500 will measure any overlapping objects in your path, even during adverse weather conditions. It is one of the best golf rangefinder under $200.

A First Target Priority Mode will display the distance between you and the first flag, while the Scan & Distant Target Priority Mode will take the furthest object into consideration. This feature is extremely useful, especially when playing on courses with heavy woody areas.

Toggling between Scan and PinSensor modes is simple, and you can even choose between yards and meters as units. Although it does not have a slope option and is a tournament legal device in its entirety, users across the world commend the TecTecTec VPRO500 on the ease of usability.

A monocular with 6x magnification like the other models feature a Multilayer Coating for bright and easy to read images, and the whole device in itself is rainproof. Lightweight at just 185 grams, the rangefinder is portable without any excess weight too. It comes with a wrist strap, a pouch, and a CR2 battery, adding to its super compact features. VPRO500 in our view is the best budget golf rangefinder.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Laser Golf Rangefinder Features:

  • A PinSensor technology to counter any overlapping objects in your game path.
  • A First Target Priority Mode that eliminates background clutter and picks the first flag in your line of sight. The flag is found even if it’s not specially painted in bright colors or reflective materials.
  • A ProScan Model that will measure everything within 540 yards of the flag. Sand traps, hazards, trees, et cetera, are picked up, and their distances are provided to you so that you can strategize on how would you go about the game.
  • A Distance Target Priority Mode that scans the targets at the greatest distance behind the first flagstick, giving you an idea of the hazards in between. Usually a feature of high-end rangefinders, this is great to have at such a low price.
  • A 6x magnification for better zooming.
  • A +/- 1 yard accuracy.
  • A continuous measurement mode for fast and accurate readings constantly.
  • Rainproof and dustproof technology.
  • Latest optical and digital circuits within the design.
  • Lightweight and compact; in fact, so small that you can put it in your pocket.
  • Fully tournament legal.
  • An automatic power-down feature to preserve battery when idle.
  • A 1-year warranty against defects.

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#4 - Precision Pro Golf NX7 Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Laser Golf Rangefinder

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Accurate, stylish, and simple to use, the Precision Pro Golf NX7 allows golfers to calculate distances to the flag, bunkers, trees, and other objects with accuracy to the yard. Featuring a Target Acquisition Technology or TAG, the device will automatically scan objects within your field of view and lock and focus on the target to ensure accuracy in measurements.

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 can aim at targets up to 400 yards away. So, every target in your field of vision remains achievable while using this little marvel for play. At an enticing price like this, the features that you get do provide great value for money.

Unlike the NX7, the NX7 pro is replete with a slope feature – namely the Adaptive Slope Technology – which also allows you to toggle between regular and tournament legal mode. On regular mode, elevation is given accountability while measuring distances, whereas the non-slope mode shuts off this feature. Like the Bushnell, this one also has a Pulse Vibration Technology that gives a little pulse once the target that you require is locked in by the system.

Accurate within 1 yard, and measuring up to 1/10 of a yard, the Precision Pro Golf NX7, of course, speeds up play. Combined with these features are a water-resistant design and a shock-proof casing that won’t get damaged by drops, knocks, or regular impacts on a golf course. It comes in its own premium carry case with an elastic strap and carbiner for easy and safe storage, alongside a free battery replacement guarantee for the lifetime of the product.

At a glance, the Precision Pro Golf NX7 will provide you with:

  • Adaptive Slope Technology to toggle between slope and elevation measuring, and tournament legal mode.
  • An accuracy of +/- 1 yard to help you make club choices confidently.
  • A high-speed SD laser that picks up readings with speed and precision.
  • A total of 400 yards measuring range.
  • Up to 1/10 of a yard measuring capability for precise results.
  • A Target Acquisition Technology to scan objects in the field and focus on your selected target.
  • A Pulse Vibration Technology to confirm that target is acquired and locked in for you to make your next game decision.
  • A 6x magnification feature like the Bushnell to zoom in on the screen, and select your target with ease.
  • Water-resistant design to play during bad weather conditions.
  • A shock-proof design to avoid normal wear and tear.
  • A 2-year warranty for repair or replacement against faulty manufacturing.
  • A lifetime replacement guarantee on the battery.

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#5 - Leupold 2017 GX-2i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder Review

Leupold 2017 GX-2i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder

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A true combination of super price and features, the Leupold GX-2i2 laser golf rangefinder comes with a nifty Digitally eNhanced Accuracy engine. Combined with an advanced infrared laser, this gadget gives measurements fast with high levels of accuracy. The ergonomically designed rangefinder also has True Golf Range (TDR: a.k.a slope), and a cool club selector feature that can be disabled for tournaments.

The TDR calculates distances taking into consideration, the line-of-sight, incline, decline, the trajectory of the ball, and altitude. The selector then makes club suggestions based on slope, personal strength, and real-time weather conditions enabling you to learn a better estimation of shots during your practice session.

Bringing together all of Leupold’s golfing technology within this one device, the GX-2i3 is easy to use with just a push button. Toggling between TGR and tournament legal mode, you can manually input temperature and altitude to get started, all within a lighter, more compact package than its predecessors.

A PinHunter 3 Laser Technology disregards user movement when locking in targets. So even if you are slightly fidgety when taking readings, you would still get a very accurate estimate. Fog mode anyone? If playing conditions are that severe, the GX-2i3 deals another trump card with a fog feature that cuts through the weather to provide fast measurements still. And this apparently also works during very heavy rainfall.

The endless bundle of features in Leupold GX-2i3:

  • A 6x magnification for precise targeting.
  • A CR2 lithium battery for long life and user convenience.
  • A club selector feature to make suggestions to golfers, even taking in their personal strength into account.
  • Leupold’s Digitally eNhanced Accuracy feature that will make a lot of other range scopes dim in comparison. This allows you to get both spot-on line of sight and true golf range, accurate to within a 1/10 th of a yard.
  • A fog mode to play under dreadful weather conditions, including rain.
  • A fully multi-coated lens system, Leupold’s signature that delivers crystal clear optics, low glare, and scratch resistance.
  • High Light Transmission LCD in the reticle that would give a full tactical edge to your game.
  • A one-touch scan mode for multiple quick readings in one easy sweep.
  • A Pinhunter 3 laser technology that would eliminate user errors due to shaky hands and such. It filters out background images making targeting easy to lock in.
  • A Prism Lock technology when combined with the Pinhunter 3, makes locking on super-fast and easy. An audible sound confirms when a “prism” is locked in, in turn fastening your gameplay to newer levels.
  • A fully waterproof exterior for your convenience.
  • A 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

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Besides the above, all these brands have many laser rangefinders that sort of utilise the same features, minus an add-on here and there. Moving onto handheld GPS devices, our top picks are below.

Top 5 GPS golf rangefinders for 2018

#1 - Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS Review

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS

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This pocket-sized wonder comes preloaded with 35,000+ courses and is extremely easy to use. Users are provided with easy to read front, center, and back distances to greens, with up to four hazard distances per hole. The battery life is great for such a small device, lasting for 3 full rounds per charge, and a multi-function clip and USB charge cord is included within the package.

Available in different color options, the Neo Ghost has an auto course recognition feature along with an auto hole advance option. With an easy to read interface with no need for downloads or memberships ever, this little gadget is great for a no-fuss experience.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS Features

  • The device comes preloaded with 35,000+ golf courses across the world.
  • The long battery life provides operation through 3 full rounds of golf before needing a charge again.
  • An auto course recognition feature requires no manual searching before you begin your play.
  • An auto hole advance feature gives accurate readings.
  • Easy to read front, center, and back distances to greens.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Available in multiple color options.
  • Up to 4 hazard distances per hole.

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#2 - IZZO Swami 4000+ Golf GPS Review

IZZO Swami 4000 Golf GPS

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A cool-looking gadget, the IZZO Swami 4000+ has one up on its predecessor 4000, with its ability to measure not just the distance to the front, center, and back of the green, but by also measuring to doglegs and hazards. You can also measure shot distances that will let you hit each ball with more accuracy and help make improvements to your game.

Preloaded with 30,000+ global golf courses, the Swami 4000+ has an interesting feature that allows you to manually make course modifications on a course map yourself, so that you can update and take in any changes that can happen over time. No downloads required or no subscription fees for a lifetime. A 1.8-inch color display provides clear reading to users, and you can choose to see distances in either meters or yards.

An Auto-Hole Advance feature automatically identifies and moves to the next hole during your play time, saving you time on the green, and the device itself supports 4 different languages of operation. Battery life lasts up to 2 rounds of game, and the waterproof casing ensures durability during bad weather conditions.

IZZO Swami 4000+ Golf GPS Features

  • A distant measurement feature that also measures to doglegs and hazards during play.
  • Shot Distant Management to measure how far each ball needs to be hit, allowing you to steadily improve your game.
  • Preloaded with 30,000+ global golf courses.
  • Manual course map alteration feature to easily update any golf course changes.
  • A 1.8-inch color display which is very easy to read.
  • An Auto-Hole Advance feature to that measures your next target as you play.
  • Multi-lingual with 4 languages in device.
  • Distance display can be either in yards or meters.
  • Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 2 rounds of golf with a single charge.
  • The device is waterproof for longevity.
  • A 1-year limited warranty included.

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#3 - Skygolf SkyCaddie Touch GPS Review

Skygolf Skycaddie Touch Gps

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A premium device with a subscription, the SkyCaddie Touch features a 3-inch high definition and sunlight readable display with a golf glove-friendly touchscreen. Loaded with 35,000 maps, the rangefinder is also packed with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to load any course on it at your convenience. You also get a free app for your phone, from which, you can sync and update course data to your golf GPS data at ease.

The Intelligent Automation feature lets you measure any distance precisely, and how much detail you want to see completely depends upon you. Simply turn off the information you don’t need, and you are set to play an unobtrusive round of golf. The automation will allow you to automatically select course, select the next hole, zoom, update distance from your real-time location constantly as you walk about, and determine green depth from any angle of approach.

Interactive HoleVue gives you an eagle’s eye view of the hole, and will measure the distance to it irrespective of what is in your line of vision. The Dynamic RangeVue feature will display multiple yardage arcs overlaying fairway landing areas and greens, enabling you to choose the best club for taking your shot. The IntelliGreen technology will show the exact shape of the green based on your angle of approach, whereas the community and cloud service will not just store your stats, but help you with a large knowledge database.

Skygolf SkyCaddie Touch Golf GPS Features

  • A 3-inch durable, touch screen in high-resolution that is also sunlight-readable, transflective, and backlit.
  • Bluetooth wireless capabilities to easily update and configure the device with latest data and courses.
  • Intelligent Automation that auto selects course and holes, auto zooms, auto updates distance in regards to your own location, and displays auto green depth from any angle of approach.
  • HoleVue to easily measure the distance to any point on the course, irrespective of whether or not it’s in your line of vision.
  • A Dynamic RangeVue that displays multiple options for arc yardages, enabling you to make a club selection confidently.
  • Complimentary Sky 360 community and cloud service.
  • Access to 35,000+ golf courses.
  • A 40,000 course preload capacity.
  • Multiple languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, German, French, and Spanish.
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery with a play life of up to 11 hours.
  • Water resistance for adverse weather conditions.

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Garmin Approach G30 Golf Handheld GPS Review

Garmin Approach G30 Golf Handheld GPS

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With a 2.3-inch color screen display, the Garmin Approach G30 can be easily carried by you or attached to your golf bag. Lightweight and sleek, a rubber bezel around the casing will protect your device from drop damage. A single power button controls turning on and off, and all the other functions are operated via a responsive touchscreen.

Operating with satellite imagery, the GPS quickly identifies greens, hazards, and doglegs, while the device itself is preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. A great add on for seasoned golfers who love to travel and play, the Garmin Approach G30 also has full color course mapping alongside a Touch Targeting feature. This lets you pinpoint any point on the course, and read the precise distance on the sunlight-readable display.

Zoom in and out at your convenience, and manually place the pin at the correct location for the day through the Green Display. A Big Numbers mode also displays different yardages in bold around the golf green, letting you devise a best approach to take on the target. The battery lasts up to 15 hours, and a Bluetooth feature lets you sync the device with your smartphone so that you don’t miss out on your texts and email while playing. For the fitness conscious, an odometer also tracks all your steps. The rainproof device comes with a lifetime of course updates.

Garmin Approach G30 Golf GPS Features

  • Sleek size with a 2.3-inch color display touch screen.
  • A total of 40,000 golf courses worldwide preloaded into the device.
  • Touch Target to any hole in the golf course, or for full course mapping.
  • A Green View display for any greens on the course, wherein you can place the pins manually to strategize your game.
  • Big Numbers mode that will display yardages around the pin in big, bold, easily readable fonts.
  • Garmin Connect to sync your device with your phone, and to keep receiving notifications and important communications while playing.
  • A tracking feature for stats for up to 4 players, which would then auto sync with Garmin Connect. Records everything including putts, greens in regulation, and fairways hit.
  • 15 hours of battery life.
  • Rainproof device.
  • Pairable with TruSwing golf swing analyzer to improve your play.

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#5 - GolfBuddy GB3-PT4 Golf GPS Rangefinder Review

GolfBuddy GB3 PT4 Golf GPS

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A supposed smartphone-inspired device, the GolfBuddy GB3-PT4 comes with a 4 inch LCD high resolution display and capacitive touch control. This feature improves control with a more responsive interface and shows the course detail in bright colors and larger fonts. In addition, unlike pressure touch, a capacitive touch would work with even the fattest of digits!

The slim-bodied PT4 is preloaded with 38,000+ global golf courses and weighs just 153 grams. And in regards to GolfBuddy’s other GPS models, the PT4 works twice as fast, with all the navigation present on the screen itself. The menu-system is well laid out making the GPS easy to use, whereas its Dynamic Green View technology gives distances to the green directly from your angle of approach.

The PT4 also gives a full course layout, letting you see all targets and hazards at one glance, while allowing you to customize targets to improve your hole management skills. A scorecard allows you to record all statistics including number of putts, fairway hits, sand saves, and strokes. A moveable pin placement allows new strategies for planning a game, and an automatic hole and course recognition feature creates ease of play.

The device is multilingual with 8 languages and the lithium-ion battery lasts up to 8 hours of gameplay. The device is also water resistant, and can be connected via a USB port. You can also use an external memory card with it.

GolfBuddy GB3-PT4 Golf GPS Features

  • A 4-inch LCD screen with capacitive touch control, and a bright large display.
  • Faster processing power that works well during play.
  • Preloaded with 38,000+ global golf courses for the seasoned travelling golfer.
  • Easy to use interface with multiple functions.
  • Dynamic green view technology allowing you to measure distances to greens with your own angle of approach.
  • Takes footsteps into consideration for better accuracy.
  • Shows full course layout with all targets and hazards visible for you to plan your game strategy.
  • Moveable pin placement for convenience of play.
  • Scorecard to record all your statistics.
  • Multilingual settings with 8 languages.
  • USB and SD card ready.
  • Battery life of 8 hours.
  • And a water-resistant exterior for playing in the rain.

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Confused about which one to pick in the battle of laser rangefinder vs GPS golf. Bringing together the best of both worlds, here’s our special mention of top hybrid golf rangefinders.

Top Recommended Hybrid Golf Rangefinders for 2018

Bushnell White Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder Review

Bushnell White Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder

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Combining basic GPS functionality with a laser rangefinder technology, the Bushnell White Hybrid needs to be registered for a free account within 45 days at, Bushnell’s provider of course data, which will enable golfers to update the Hybrid for any course additions or changes. The GPS function comes with 30,000 pre-loaded courses across the world.

The device has a range finding the accuracy of 10 to 1,000 yards and 300 yards to flag with +/- one yard of accuracy. It also provides distance to the front, center, and back of greens, and has Auto Hole Advance and Auto Course Recognition features—similar to our list of GPS handhelds showcased above. Bushnell’s PinSeeker technology is included to zero-in on the flag.

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Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder Review

Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder

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The next contender is the Callaway Hybrid GPS Laser Rangefinder that comes with extra treats including a sleeve, Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls, a divot repair tool, and an extra CR2 battery.

The GPS is pre-loaded with 30,000+ global courses and requires no download or subscription fees. It measures center, front, and back distances to green, carry distances to hazards and doglegs, and displays through an LCD screen on the back of the unit. The laser bit comes with a Pin Acquisition Technology and magnification up to 6x times. It provides accuracy to +/- 1 yard and range from 5 to 1000 yards.

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