Golf GPS or Golf Range Finder: Do you Really Need It?

When playing golf on a local golf course or on the golf courses of foreign places, you will learn that selecting the right golf club and getting the distance accurately have a huge impact on your game. This is why a GPS or golf rangefinder is very useful.

Why consider a golf GPS or golf rangefinder?

The golf GPS can precisely tell you where you are presently on the golf course. Without this, golfers will be burdened by looking for yardage markers on the course before they can execute a shot. This cost time and energy and slows won the pace of the game – and most golfers do not like that. Playing a four-ball without the golf GPS will take more hours. Instead of 4 hours, you may finish the game for more than 5 hours!

When you have a golf GPS, you don’t have the difficulty of measuring the distance to even the layup or to a fairway bunker. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro golfer or just a hobby player, the use of golf GPS can cut off several strokes from your game, which is ideal for getting lower scores. Many models can provide you precise information on the distance for your every single shot. This also helps you pick the right club to use based on the distance given a by the golf GPS.

How does a Golf GPS functions?

Just like a conventional global positioning device that is used in navigation, the golf GPS systems source feed from the satellites that are currently revolving around the Earth to provide exact data on where you are currently located in reference to a certain position. In this situation, you will be presented the precise distance in front of, middle and back of the green. Some golf GPS devices have extra features that can help you measure the yardage to hazards such as bunker and water. While the most advanced models have the capability to give information on direction and wind speed.

Why acquire your own golf GPS?

The golf GPS will give you several advantages that you cannot enjoy when using the traditional yardage measurement.

  • Accuracy

Relying on your instincts might work for you but not all the time. Human error happens. Erroneous calculation of yardages will make you walk off distances. When you have a golf GPS, you will know exactly the distance to a point from where your golf ball currently lies. This data is important because it can make or break your game, no matter if you’re a pro or an amateur golfer.

  • Selecting Clubs

Most beginners would immediately pick their 100-yard club when faced with a possible 100-yard shot. If you use golf GPS, what is initially thought to be 100 yards might actually be just 80 yards. With this accurate information provided by the device, you will no longer use the 100 yards club but reach instead for the right club for the 80 yards shot. You’ll be able to deliver the perfect shot with the help of the accurate yardage and right club selection.

  • The Right Feel During the Game

Many players use their sheer gut instinct and physical sense to determine how far every single club will hit. In this case, the precise distance that a particular club can travel is uncertain. For instance, many beginners might believe that a chose golf club can make 150 yards shot but with the use of golf GPS, that same club will only make 135 yards or 140 yards the most. Having this information on hand can make you hit more accurate shots than without it.

  • Hazards or Obstacles

Most golfers take a long time to ponder about hazards or obstacles they will face on the course. They think hard about whether they go for the shot or just layup. The golf GPS will help you resolve that issue in mere seconds because it can measure the actual distance to the obstacle or bunker. By doing so, you will be able to decide immediately on what action to take. The golf GPS can reduce your handicaps and improve your game.

  • Confidence

Did you hear people say that a fantastic shot is 75 percent skill and 25 percent confidence from the golfer who makes the shot? When you have the precise information about the distance and the right club to use, you will have the confidence every time you make a shot. This could make a huge change to your golf play. However, even if the device will be able to give you the actual data, it is how you deliver the shot that can make or break the game for you. Use the data correctly and you will be a more confident golfer and will see the remarkable improvement in your golf games.

The golf GPS or golf rangefinder will help you play better golf. It’s an investment that will be worth the price you will pay for it.