Golf Lessons: Are They Worth the Price?

Do you really need to take golf lessons? You might have to ask yourself this question several times already as you watch golfers at play. It looks easy to your untrained eyes; you just need to put the little ball inside the hole in only a few attempts to win the game using a club. Golf seems a fairly easy game that even non-players could do by themselves. So why take golf lessons? Are they worth the price?

If you believe that golf is an easy game that you can play without taking lessons from a qualified golf instructor then, try it yourself. You’ll never be convinced that golf is a difficult sport unless you tried handling the club and attempt to strike the ball on your own. Chances are, you’ll spend most of your time fishing your ball out of water or look for it in the rough. When you find how frustrating it can be to hit the golf ball and achieve the result you want then you would be persuaded to get golf lessons.

Driving the ball to the hole looks simple enough in an untrained person’s eye. But, the truth is, it is one of the most difficult aspects of golf. You might think that to hit the ball, you just need to grip the club, straighten your body, pull back, and swing with all your might, and expect your golf ball to land near the hole. Unfortunately, golf principles are not all that – there are more rules and tricks that you have to learn even in the basic golf swing.

A decent golf instructor would inform you that all throughout the entire swing you have to keep your head immobile. Trying to strike the ball very hard will not get you somewhere near the hole. It is more likely that the ball will end in the water or among the tall grass growing in the golf course. You will end up looking for that ball for a long time that you’ll just want to bash it to pieces out of frustration. If you are playing golf just for fun then, hunting a little ball is far from enjoyable don’t you think? Would you still ask yourself if golf lessons are worth the price?

Part of the golf lessons that are taught to beginners is relaxing the muscles before making a swing. Having tense muscles while swinging lead mostly to poor results – so does hitting the ball too hard. A qualified golf instructor will teach you to focus your energy to make the ball go farther and straighter. To focus means you have to keep your head perfectly still and relax your body through the entire swing.

By keeping your head immobile, you can concentrate more on the ball and into bringing all your energy towards the center of the golf ball using the flat club. When your head is still, it will automatically signal your hands to twist correctly at the right angle at the right time. Timing is essential in keeping the golf ball in a straighter direction. It is also important when you do a follow through.

Most golf instructors said that they spend a lot of time teaching beginners the lesson about balancing their bodies and maintaining their heads straight. Balancing the body in golf is not just to avoid falling over when making a swing. It is more about distributing your body weight equally in all directions. Some people might be able to maintain their left and right balance but they will find it hard to maintain their back and front balance as well. This is one of the lessons that a qualified golf instructor will teach you.

An untrained person will play golf with his head angled downward because he wants to keep his focus on the ball. This leads to a poor posture and puts the weight of the body more on the front. A decent instructor will give a lesson on how to find a good and stable position that will let you swing better. This is the most common mistake that unassisted golfers do that can only be corrected with the help of a golf instructor. Still asking yourself the question, golf lessons: are they worth the price?

When you don’t take golf lessons, it is usually recommended that you watch yourself taking golf swings in front of the mirror. This will help in correcting imbalanced golf swings because you will be able to make better swings. However, you will not be watching the golf ball instead, you will be watching yourself. If you have a qualified golf instructor, he will be able to see what you cannot see when practicing in front of the mirror.

You can do self-coaching with golf but it will be slower and prone to errors than getting lessons from a qualified golf instructor if you don’t understand the terms and positions being taught. There are so many tips, articles, and news about golf all over the web, especially on golf-related websites. They are very well presented and highly recommended by golf experts yet, each person is born unique from each other and the ability to learn may not be the same for all people. Some can quickly learn things by merely reading tips and guides while others will spend more time to learn just a bit of the entire guide. If you want to learn in the shortest time possible then, getting golf lessons would be the best option.

Private Golf Lessons versus Group Golf Instruction

Private golf lessons are more expensive than group golf instruction. A golf instructor will devote his time teaching you golf lessons. Even if you will just be playing golf with the boss, your business associates, or your prospect clients, getting proper instructions will make you tee off quickly and decently. He will be able to create a tailored golf education for you that will help improve your weak points and will make you hold your own when playing on the golf course. If this is your purpose, paying for golf lessons will be a good business investment for you.

However, if you are aiming to play in golf tournaments someday, a golf instructor will be able to provide revolutionary guidance that will improve your golf skills and game. Private golf lessons are really expensive so if you want to take it, ensure that you have the time and devotion to start and finish the entire course. Practice is important to any sport, including golf. Don’t be deceived by the golf’s simple appearance, it is more of what you believe.

Group golf instruction, on the other hand, is more affordable and fits agreeably to many people’s golfing budget. Yet, it may not be able to address all your golfing needs. With a private golf instructor, you can explain what you think would be the specific areas that you need to focus and he can adjust the lessons according to your needs but, you cannot do the same with group golf instruction. With the latter, lessons are often focused on particular skills to target. If you want to lower expenses and still get golf lessons then, choose the latter. But, improve your learning experience by adding informative golf materials like articles, tips, and guides. Combining this information with the group golf instructor’s lessons as well as the tips that will be provided by other golfers in the class will help you seriously improve your golf game.

Whatever you choose, private golf lesson or group golf instruction, you should give it your time and commitment. Make sure that you practice regularly. That is why when selecting golf instructor, look for someone who puts emphasis on practice because it shows that he is interested in your success, not on keeping you for long as a student for financial purposes.

How to Choose a Qualified Golf Instructor

When you have finally decided that golf lessons will be worth the price then, start hunting for the qualified golf instructor that is right for you. Don’t make it a random decision just because you are in a hurry to learn and tee off with your boss. Never commit with a golf instructor without making a research and asking questions. Ask someone you know that is also taking golf lessons. How do they found the teaching quality of their instructor? Does he come on time and as scheduled? Do they provide lessons in full schedule or they start later or end earlier than scheduled? Learn also the cancellation policies and the probability of makeup class for free.

Don’t be shy to ask for references from a prospect golf instructor because it is absolutely acceptable. Most qualified golf instructors have references on the ready because it is the usual practice when shopping for golf instructors. You can also interview them if you want before you commit to lessons.

If you heard that some professional golfers are also giving golf lessons, don’t immediately sign up for their classes. Not all pro golfers are excellent golf instructors. Some are best at playing the sport than teaching other people to play better. Don’t get starstruck because their golfing achievements do not automatically correspond to their teaching credentials. The better golf instructor is the one that can solidly combine achievements in golfing and teaching. Teaching, after all, takes the ability in communicating the golf skills rather than performing them himself.

Once you have found the right golf instructor, started taking golf lessons, and see improvements in your game then, you will be able to answer the question, golf lessons: are they worth the price?