Pre-Season Golf Fitness Exercises for Golfers

The pre-season is not the time for a professional golfer to take a long vacation and relax. This is the time to prepare for the upcoming golf season not just mentally but physically as well. Golf fitness exercises can be very helpful in conditioning the body and practice swing drills that will help in getting ready for a successful year on the sport. This is the time when modifications are done to improve a golfer’s performance through golf fitness training and golf program.

The golf season is now in full swing in many parts of the United States with the PGA Tour drawing crowds of professional golfers and golf enthusiasts from all over the world. Many golfers are now dusting off their golf clubs to head out of the golf course for their first round of golf, including you. But, are you well prepared for it? Is your driver comfortable enough for your first tee? Do you have the confidence to get a low golf score for your every game? If you answer “no” to any of these questions then, you are not ready.

So, how should you prepare for the golf season?

This article will answer the questions that most golfers ask themselves with regard to their readiness for this year’s golf tournaments. In fact, if the strategies will be followed correctly, you will be driving golf balls farther and will be posting lower scores than you did before. You will also be surprised on the frequency of your accurate shots.

How to get ready for this year’s golf season? The answer to any questions you’ll have about golf season readiness lies in your preparation. It is crucial to the success of your every golf game in the future. Preparation is the planning and activities involved in readying or setting up things in advance. Golf preparation involves training the mind and body and concocting strategies that will help improve a golfer’s performance on the courses.

Preparation takes the time to accomplish. It is not something that you can do 30 minutes before your first tee. Cramming is not good with golf. You will have to prepare for the golf season months or weeks before your first round to ensure that you have mastered the moves and your body is strong and flexible enough to do golf swings with good results.

Develop a Golf Preparation Plan

Start the preparation by developing a golf plan or program. Professional golfers usually do this aspect months before the start of the golf season. So if you are aiming to achieve the status of your favorite golfers, you do it the way they prepare – seriously and with commitment. Create a plan that includes exercises, drills, and programs that will enhance all parts of your game. Break down the golf program into categories that are easy to understand. For example, the various shots that are done on the course: short game, full swing, and putting.  These are 3 categories that need swing drills to be implemented.

For each category, short game, full swing, and putting – there should be a series of drills that will be effective on each of these parts of golf. You can buy instructional books and videos created by known and respected golf professional instructors. Every one of them has their own set of golf materials that will help in the improvement of your golf swing. Many of these drills that are being taught by these professionals can be performed at the comforts of your home or on the golf course. So, no matter the weather, you will be able to continue your training as scheduled.

Follow a Golf Fitness Exercise Program

Another important part of your preparation plan is the golf fitness exercises. In order for you to practice your golf swing correctly, your body should be able to keep up with the challenge of executing the strategies in the right manner. You should have specific levels of strength, balance, endurance, power, and flexibility. It should be all, not some. If you lack in any of these then your golf swing will not be as excellent as you want it to be.

Enroll in golf fitness training programs that are offered by fitness gyms and companies. They have available pre-offered programs that aim to improve the strength, balance, endurance, power, and flexibility of the golfer that will help prevent or at least lower the risk of injury during the golf game. They can also create a customized golf fitness routine that is based on your needs and improve your golf swing skills. These types of fitness programs will hone your body in preparation for the golf swing that you will be making in this year’s golf season.


The pre-season should be utilized to prepare for the upcoming golf season in advance. It is the right time to do some modifications in your game play as well as your mental and physical fitness that will lead to a successful start of the golf season for you. Preparation should not be for one game only – it should be all throughout the season. By developing a plan that will include working on your golf swing with the help of instructional books and videos from top teaching golf professionals and practicing the strategies being recommended regularly – you will be able to hit golf balls farther and straighter and achieve lower scores to your every game.

In addition, taking on golf fitness programs will help build your strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and power that be vital for your golf swing performance. Working with professional gym instructors will ensure that you will get the proper golf fitness program that will support the achievement of a better golf swing for this golf season. A pre-offered or customized golf fitness exercises will help prevent or reduce the incidence of injury during a golf game as you are prepared for its occurrence in advance. If you put all these together, your first time on the golf course this season will be a lot more fun than the previous year.